Lake School District was named for Daniel Jefferson Lake who settled in the District in 1872. He had moved to Orland with his five children after his first wife had died in Missouri. In California he married Mrs. Susanna Bashore who had four children of her own. Daniel and Susanna had 3 more children together. There were no schools close by so Mr. Lake went to the officials in the community to establish a school. The answer was "no", but Mr. Lake wasn't taking "no" for an answer. Finally in desperation the officials told him they could not open a school for one family, but if he could get twelve students to attend the school they would allow him to open a school. Daniel Lake's reply was, " I have them !" ( His own twelve children ) . The officials had no choice but to open Lake School District , named on Daniel's behalf.

Lake School was opened in 1872. The very first parcel of land was purchased from Uriah Shaw for $1.00. In 1891 another parcel was purchased and 28 years later a more substantial school was built. This building served as the school until 1974 when the present school was built. In 1975 two buildings were purchased by Glenn County to house the Special Day Class and to serve as a conference room for Lake School. In 1977 Lake School Board purchased the current kindergarten portable and two years later a building was purchased for the 3rd/4th grade class. This portable was used as a Band and small discussion group room. until 1999/2000, when it became the 1st grade classroom with Lake School's implementation of Class size reduction. The newest portable was purchased in March of 1998. After serving as the 3rd/4th grade classroom for a short time, it became the 7th/8th grade classroom.