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We are very excited to be sharing this resource with families. Live webinars start on Monday, March 30, at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Standard Time, yet will be recorded for later viewing. Check out the details in the message below from Toolbox Founder, Mark Collin. #golakepanthers #toolboxproject

Welcome to the Toolbox Community of Schools!

To Our Toolbox Community of Schools

Dearest Friends and Colleagues:

I hope this note finds you well or as well as can be during these most difficult and trying times. I have wanted to write to you for some time yet circumstances have been shifting daily as I am sure they have for you as well. It is a time of much uncertainty and disorientation.

The Toolbox Project continues to grow and serve the community in many wonderful ways. Over the last week we have turned our attention to the fact that many schools have closed and families are, and will continue to be, under a “shelter in place” order. Therefore, as you will see below, the Toolbox Project will be offering an online course called the Family Toolbox. This is something that I have been working on for many years. We are excited to finally be offering it to you and your families.  Toolbox is currently being considered by Lifetime television for a possible family episode series.   

The Online Family Toolbox Classes will be presented through an online Zoom Webinar platform starting on Monday March 30 at 10:00 PST/11:00 MST/12:00CST/ 1:00/EST. When prompted by Zoom app Meeting ID: 541 076 972.

Each Zoom webinar will be open to the first 100 viewers. We will be recording the series and posting each “class” progressively within the following day on our website at  on the Family Toolbox Page. Please share this opportunity with your families, colleagues and communities.

These circumstances are all new to us yet we are hopeful the common language and practices of the Family Toolbox, its 12 Tools and family home activities will provide students and their families  a warm presence of heart and mind, guidance and relief during these difficult and traumatic times. 

Thank you kindly and welcome to the Family Toolbox

Mark Collin, Founder/Author

and the Toolbox Project Team