COVID-19 School Reopening

California schools have been closed for in-person instruction since mid-March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) issued the COVID-19 and Reopening In-Person Learning Framework for K-12 Schools on July 17, 2020. The framework outlines standards for when schools should open or close for in-person instruction. If a county has been on the county monitoring list within the prior 14 days, a school must conduct distance learning only, until their county has been off the monitoring list for at least 14 days. CDPH also published a list of frequently asked questions about school reopening online.

The framework authorized local Public Health Departments to grant a waiver of this criteria, in order for elementary schools to open for in-person instruction under specified conditions. The waiver may only be submitted to the local Public Health Department by a district superintendent, private school principal or head of school, or executive director of a charter school. Parents, teachers, staff and community members should contact their school directly with questions or comments about the waiver and should not contact Glenn County Public Health regarding the waiver process. Schools are required to consult with these groups prior to submitting a waiver.

Lake Elementary will be submitting the three documents as part of the waiver requirement:

1. Waiver Application Form

2. Waiver Response to Application Form

3. Plan for Learning and Safety