Timeline and Key Activities

School Site Council (SSC) holds monthly meetings for parents, staff, and students to provide input to goals, outcomes, and action steps. These meetings are open to the public, typically held on the second Monday of the month.

District-wide online surveys for stakeholders (parents, staff, students, alumni, community members) open the month of February and are typically shared via Facebook, school website, and/or email.

March - April
School Site Council reviews feedback and survey results in order to revise, if necessary, goals and metrics in order to submit a first draft to the Board of Trustees. During the April board meeting, Trustees review the draft and provide necessary revisions. Both meetings are open to the public.

The draft LCAP will be publicly posted on the district website. An online form will be available for all stakeholders to submit comments in writing no later than May 15. A hard copy will also be publicly posted in the main office at the same time, and a paper form will be available for stakeholders without internet access at home to submit comments in writing.

In a regularly scheduled public meeting on a Tuesday in early June, the Board of Trustees will hold a Public Hearing to invite comments from the public. Following the Public Hearing, and as part of the regularly scheduled public meeting, the Board of Trustees will discuss any comments received in writing during the public comment period as well as any comments received as part of the Public Hearing. The Board of Trustees may revise the draft LCAP at this time. This meeting is open to the public.

In a regularly scheduled public meeting on the fourth Tuesday in June, the Board of Trustees will approve and adopt the current LCAP. This meeting is open to the public.

Staff members will review LCAP goals and metrics to ensure understanding and implementation of action steps.

SSC reviews current LCAP along with relevant state and local data.

October - December
Staff, along with SSC and relevant stakeholders, monitor implementation of action steps.

At Lake Elementary, our work is driven by the goals outlined in a three-year strategic planning document called the LCAP, Local Control Accountability Plan. The LCAP is an important part of California's Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF), established in 2014. The LCAP describes how school districts intend to meet annual goals for all students, with specific activities to address state and local priorities.

Eight State Priority Areas – The eight areas for which school districts, with parent and community input, must establish goals and actions:

  1. Basic Services: Providing all students access to fully credentialed teachers, instructional materials that align with state standards, and safe facilities

  2. Implementation of Common Core Standards: Implementation of California’s academic standards, including the Common Core State Standards in English- language arts and math, Next Generation Science Standards, English language development, history-social science, visual and performing arts, health education and physical education standards

  3. Parental Involvement: Parent involvement and participation, so the local community is engaged in the decision-making process and the educational programs of students

  4. Student Achievement: Improving student achievement and outcomes along multiple measures, including test scores, English proficiency and college and career preparedness

  5. Student Engagement: Supporting student engagement, including whether students attend school or are chronically absent

  6. School Climate: Highlighting school climate and connectedness through a variety of factors, such as suspension and expulsion rates and other locally identified means

  7. Course Access: Ensuring all students have access to classes that prepare them for college and careers, regardless of what school they attend or where they live

  8. Other Student Outcomes: Measuring other important student outcomes related to required areas of study, including P.E. and the arts

School surveys, School Site Council meetings, and PTO meetings have provided opportunities for input regarding the Eight Priorities. The Board of Trustees is tasked with collecting stakeholder input, identifying priorities for inclusion in the plan, and approving an annual budget to support the plan. The process below has been developed to ensure multiple opportunities for parents, staff, students, and community members to provide feedback on the plan. After receiving input from stakeholders, the Board of Trustees make the final decision on what our District priorities will be. 


LCAP 2021-24

Public Hearing - May 27, 2021

This document includes:

  • Budget Overview for Parents

  • 2021 LCAP/LCP Annual Update

  • 2021-24 LCAP


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