Who's got Hootie

Each month, staff members select a colleague for the "Who's got Hootie?" award. Hootie is a small, stuffed owl that "lives" with the Hootie winner until the next selection is made. Hootie is given to staff members who go the extra mile to make Lake a great learning environment for all. 

 In March, Mrs. Schager presented Mrs. Fifield with the Hootie award. She said that the other teachers get to know their students so well by being with them all 5 days of the week. However, Mrs. Fifield only gets to be with her 3rd graders one day a week. She really has gone above and beyond to make sure she bonds with them and is a wonderful teacher.  

Mrs. Fifield started teaching at Lake School in 2019!

Thank you Mrs. Fifield for all of your hard work! We appreciate you! 

Who will get Hootie next month?