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8 Things Parents Should Know About Vaping

By Any Name, All E-Cigarettes are the Same

It doesn't matter what they are called, they all use a battery to heat up a liquid.  The liquid comes in many flavors and nicotine levels, and it is not just water vapor but an aerosol that contains many chemicals and can leave a residue in the lungs causing damage.

They are a Drug Delivery Device

  • They are sold as a device to deliver nicotine or marijuana into the body.  Nicotine and marijuana are drugs and they are addictive.
  • Nicotine was once used as a pesticide, now nicotine is banned for being dangerous. Nicotine can affect the brain and increase risk of addiction to other drugs.

Vaping is Not Risk Free

Vaping products are marketed as safer than traditional cigarettes, this does not make them SAFE. Vaping is dangerous and can cause many health problems including EVALI.

They Don't Always Look Like Cigarettes

E-cigarettes or vaping products come in all forms, sizes, colors and disguises.  They are popular, modern and easily camouflaged. Know the lingo and the trends.

Flavors Attract Young People

Even with the new federal flavor ban, loopholes exist and youth are still able to get flavored products. Support local ordinances that can be more comprehensive and ban all flavored products.

Youth Are Targets

The tobacco industry uses different media outlets to target youth including social media.  They make them seem safe and use celebrities or influencers to glam them up.  This normalizes youth use.

E-Cigarettes Could Mean Trouble at School

All school campuses in Glenn County are tobacco-free and that includes vaping, smoke-less or chew tobacco and other tobacco products.  Students can get suspended and have to complete intervention classes if they are caught with them on campus.

Talking With Your Children Can Help

YOU, are the number one influencer in your child's life.  Ask them what they know.  Talk to them about addiction and other important topocs.  Be askable, don't judge and don't assume their questions are about them.  Be willing to say, "I don't know". There are resources that can help you.

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