The Mobile Dental Clinic Staff and Northern Valley Indian Health gratefully value your continuing support and look forward to working together with you all into 2021!

Upcoming visits for the MDC for Glenn County:

            - JANUARY 4 – 15, 2021  Location:  Hamilton Elementary at the corner of Capay Avenue and 2nd Street in HAMILTON CITY

            - MARCH 15 – APRIL 2, 2021  Location:  Hamilton Elementary at the corner of Capay Avenue and 2nd Street

            - APRIL 5 – 23, 2021  Location:  Orland Library Park at the corner of Third and Yolo Street in ORLAND

As a reminder, the MDC offers comprehensive care (everything from exam to cleanings to sealants to treatment) for all children through age 12, and for pregnant women.

The MDC returns in recurrent intervals, every six months or more frequently, to encourage regular care, continuity and accessibility for families.  Families are always welcome to make any appointments for any of our other calendared locations in Chico of Butte County (green on Calendar), Glenn County (yellow on Calendar) or Tehama County (orange).

Staff onboard are:  Dentist exclusively on the MDC and bilingual, 2 RDAs (Registered Dental Assistants) one of whom also bilingual and RDH (Registered Dental Hygienist), along with the MDC Coordinator/Scheduler.

Our Mobile Dental Clinic Staff, with our agency, is dedicated to promoting the health and wellness of local families and all we serve.  NVIH remains committed and vigilantly continues prepared to address current and unfolding challenges.  Our MDC, as an NVIH comprehensive clinic with dental care established as an essential service, strictly follows all professional, local, State and Federal guidelines.  Our Mobile Dental Clinic, as a fully licensed clinic, completely implements all up-to-date guidance.  Families are to continue to expect pre-screenings, mask/face covering requirements, distancing with limited persons allowed onboard, additional onboard HEPA filtrations and increased layers of PPE for staff and more as outlined.