Redwood coming down
Lots of landscaping work going on at the school. We’ve fallen some big trees that have reached the end of their lifespan. Hard to bring down, but when safety is an issue, it’s the right thing to do. 

This tall redwood had spit at the top, impacting the integrity of the tree. Bringing it down now also assists in the installation of the new sprinkler system. 

We will be planting crepe myrtles in the front. These ornamental trees will add color and shade to our front yard. 

We will also be adding Ginkgo biloba trees between the main building and the new multipurpose building. 

We anticipate sod to be placed in the front areas of the school the week after school is out. While we hoped this could occur before graduation, the timeline just doesn’t allow for that. Yet we know it will be worth the wait and cannot wait to see the transformation of the campus. 

Once those areas are complete, the focus will turn to the field as the board approved installing a sprinkler system in the field. While we still use flood irrigation, it was determined that we can’t always depend on that and sprinklers would ensure a lush, green playing field. 

Lastly, we will continue to develop plans for the quad area that allow for outdoor classrooms and an assembly area for students. 

We are excited about the landscaping improvements campus wide. It takes time, but will be beautiful in the end.