public hearing

EC Section 60119 requires that local governing boards hold an annual public hearing and adopt a resolution(DOC) stating whether each pupil in the LEA has sufficient textbooks or instructional materials in reading/language arts, mathematics, science, and history-social science aligned to content standards and consistent with the content and cycles of the curriculum framework adopted by the SBE. The governing board must also make a written determination as to whether each pupil enrolled in health and foreign language classes has sufficient textbooks or instructional materials. The governing board must also determine the availability of science laboratory equipment for high school science laboratory classes. There must be at least ten calendar days notice of the public hearing posted in at least three public places within the LEA. The notice must state the time, place, and purpose of the hearing. The hearing must not be held during or immediately after school hours. Governing boards are to encourage participation by parents, teachers, members of the community, and bargaining unit leaders in the hearing. If the local governing board finds that there are insufficient materials it must do the following:

  • Give the percentage of students in each school and subject that lack sufficient instructional materials
  • Provide information to classroom teachers and to the public that sets forth the reasons why each pupil does not have sufficient textbooks or instructional materials
  • Take action to insure that each pupil has sufficient instructional materials within two months of the start of the school year

This public hearing and resolution are required annually. LEAs should keep the resolution on file for the LEA’s annual audit.