It’s Monday! We hope everyone is sleeping in on the first Monday of summer. And if you’re not, we hope you’re up doing something you love! Summer Camp starts next Monday. Please email Mrs. Taylor or Mr. Edwards with any questions you might have. And remember to read!
2 days ago, Lake Elementary
happy Monday
Here it is! It’s the last day of school! Student assembly starts the day, followed by the annual Talent Show, approximately at 10 am. Shortly after, we will begin our annual activities around 10:30, followed by the barbecue at 11:30. It’s a day of fun as we celebrate this year’s accomplishments!
6 days ago, Lake Elementary
last day
It’s a big day in Panther territory. Kindergarten promotion at 9:30 am. Eighth grade graduation at 7:00 pm. Congratulations to all!
8 days ago, Lake Elementary
class of 21
It’s a beautiful Tuesday, but cooler than normal. It might be sweatshirt weather this morning. Happy Tuesday!
8 days ago, Lake Elementary
wonderful Tuesday
ATTENTION PARENTS: Due to stage delivery today, this afternoon's pick up location needs to change. Pick up will be on Road N, to the west of the school. Students will be near the ball shed for today's pick up. It's a great day for a scenic drive on Road N. Drop off in the morning will be as usual - in the front of the school.
9 days ago, Lake Elementary
attention please
Good morning to the first Monday in June and the last Monday of the 2020-21 school year. Safe travels to eighth grade today! Have fun.
9 days ago, Lake Elementary
Monday sparkle
It’s Otter Pop Friday! Let’s see that Panther swag.
12 days ago, Lake Elementary
otter pops
Remember, no bus service this week. 🚌
15 days ago, Lake Elementary
It’s the first day of June AND the fifth grade camping trip. And it’s going to be hot, hot, hot. Send those water bottles to school!
15 days ago, Lake Elementary
June 1
Remembering those who fought for our freedoms.
16 days ago, Lake Elementary
Memorial Day
It’s another otter pop Friday. Let’s see that Panther Blue!
19 days ago, Lake Elementary
otter pops
Jog-a-thon today! Be sure your student comes to school in tennis shoes and brings a water bottle. How many laps will they run? Doesn't really matter, we're going to have lots of fun today!
20 days ago, Lake Elementary
Exciting day for 8th grade. They will be touring Orland High for the annual campus visit. Have fun and enjoy your time. Big things are headed your way.
23 days ago, Lake Elementary
High school tour
It’s Otter Pop Friday! Every student wearing Panther Blue today will receive an otter pop at lunch. Show that Panther spirit! Happy Friday.
27 days ago, Lake Elementary
otter pop
Happy Monday!
about 1 month ago, Lake Elementary
Monday beast
Road construction 🚧 on Wyo at railroad tracks today and tomorrow. Consider alternate route when coming to school.
about 1 month ago, Lake Elementary
road work
To all the moms - we wish you a glorious Mother’s Day.
about 1 month ago, Lake Elementary
Mother’s Day
Panther Blue Friday tomorrow! Every student wearing Lake Panther swag gets an otter pop at lunch time. Show us your swag!
about 1 month ago, Lake Elementary
A beautiful sign for beautiful people. Thank you to all the paraprofessionals who bring their special skills to our school.
about 1 month ago, Lake Elementary
para sign
Lake Elementary has some classified job openings. Check them out here.
about 1 month ago, Lake Elementary